Re-usable components built using Radix UI and Tailwind CSS.



This is NOT a component library. It's a collection of re-usable components that you can copy and paste into your apps.

What do you mean by not a component library?

I mean you do not install it as a dependency. It is not available or distributed via npm. I have no plans to publish it as an npm package (for now).

Pick the components you need. Copy and paste the code into your project and customize to your needs. The code is yours.

Use this as a reference to build your own component libraries.



  • Radix UI - For the primitives.
  • Vercel - Where I host all my projects.
  • Shu Ding - The typography style is adapted from his work on Nextra.
  • Cal - Where I copied the styles for the first component: the Button.
  • cmdk - For the <Command /> component.